Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Call For Papers

Annual Georgia Student Philosophy Symposium

March 29, 2008


Undergraduate and Graduate Students in All Disciplines Encouraged to Submit

Work on Any Philosophical Topic Welcome

Scope: Original papers on any philosophical topic from graduate and undergraduate students are welcome. The conference format will be symposium-style: each session will include presentation/reading, commentary, and brief Q&A/discussion period. Undergraduate and graduate authors will be selected for presentation. All accepted submissions will published online in the Proceedings of the Georgia Student Philosophy Symposium.

Prize: One award valued at $100 will be given to the author of most outstanding paper. Selection will be made on the basis of philosophical content/insight, clarity of written expression, and general appeal to a student audience.

Submission Requirements: Papers must be prepared for blind review (i.e., no author-identifying information or notes in the body of the paper, only on the cover page). Reading length of paper should not exceed twenty minutes, though longer written versions are acceptable. When submitting, please include the following in the body of the email:

1. Author’s name

2. Paper/presentation title

3. Brief abstract (~100 words describing topic discussed in paper)

4. Academic status (undergraduate/graduate) and major

5. Regularly checked email address

Submissions that fail to include all of the above will not be accepted. No more than one submission per author will be considered. Authors should email their submission as a Word or PDF attachment to

Deadline: Papers must be received no later than Tuesday, 3/18, at 3 PM (THIS IS A NEW DEADLINE). Authors accepted for presentation may be asked to comment on another paper.

Official Rules:

1. By submitting an essay for consideration, any entrant certifies that the essay is consistent with principles of academic integrity, such as, but not limited to: the essay is his/her own original work and all sources have been given proper credit. Any Georgia State University entrant further certifies that the work is consistent with the Georgia State University Honor Code.

2. Phi Sigma Tau reserves the right not to award some or all scholarship prizes for any given year.

3. All decisions of the review committee for Phi Sigma Tau are final and cannot be appealed.

4. Essays submitted for classes are acceptable entries for the contest.

5. Essays should be no longer than 5000 words.

6. Essays must be typed, double-spaced and paginated.

7. Essays must be in English.

8. Each student is limited to one entry per Symposium.

9. Phi Sigma Tau reserves the right to remove an accepted essay from the Symposium Program should it have concerns about academic misconduct.

10. Phi Sigma Tau reserves the right to withhold, delay, or rescind any scholarship prize from any entrant in the event the student’s essay constitutes academic misconduct (such as, but not limited to, violating the Georgia State University Honor Code) or in the event of an ongoing investigation into any alleged violation.

11. Entrant agrees to forfeit any scholarship prize awarded in the event his/her essay constitutes academic misconduct (such as, but not limited to, violating the Georgia State University Honor Code).

12. Georgia State University entrants must provide their GSU student ID number. All winners of scholarship awards must provide their Social Security numbers before their award can be processed.

Other questions may be addressed to

Call For Papers

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