Friday, November 07, 2008

Georgia Philosophical Society
Spring Meeting
Saturday, November 15
Agnes Scott College, 213 Buttrick Hall
9:00 Coffee, Rolls, & Conversation
9:30 “Common Ground and the Sorites,” Eric Snyder,
University of Georgia
10:30 "Re-Interpreting Self-Ownership: An Argument
for a Political Obligation to Help", Matt
Schneider, University of Georgia
11:30 Business Meeting
12:00 Lunch
[1:00 Closed Meeting of Board of Regents Academic
Advisory Committee on Philosophy [Buttrick Hall 211]
2:00 “Kierkegaard on Indirect Communication,”
Mark Tietjen, University of West Georgia
3:00 “Hegel on the Laws of Motion,” Sebastian Rand,
Georgia State University
Advance copies available by e-mail from Harald
Thorsrud at
Directions to ASC are at
Visitor parking is on the Main Loop in front of the campus on East
College Avenue and in the West Parking facility (a parking garage) on South
McDonough Street.

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