Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Annual Georgia Student Philosophy Symposium - April 10, 2010

Keynote speaker: Professor David Schmidtz Department of Philosophy,
University of Arizona

Undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines encouraged to
submit their work on any philosophical topic.

Scope: Original papers on any philosophical topic from graduate and
undergraduate students are welcome. The conference format will be
symposium-style: each session will include presentation/reading,
commentary, and brief Q&A/discussion period. Undergraduate and
authors will be selected for presentation. All accepted submissions
will available online in the Proceedings of the Georgia Student
Philosophy Symposium.

Prizes: One prize valued at $100 will be awarded to the most
outstanding paper by a graduate student. Another prize valued at $100
will be awarded to the most outstanding paper by an undergraduate
student. Prizes may take the form of books of the winner's choice.
Winners will be selected on the basis of philosophical content/
insight, clarity of written expression, and general appeal to a
student audience.

Submission Requirements: Papers must be prepared for blind review
(i.e., no author-identifying information or notes in the body of the
paper, only on the cover page). Reading length of paper should not
exceed twenty-five minutes (approx 3750 words). When submitting,
please include the following in the body of the email:

1. Author's name
2. Paper/presentation title
3. Brief abstract (~100 words describing topic discussed in paper)
4. Academic status (undergraduate/graduate), major, university
5. Regularly checked email address

Submissions that fail to include all of the above will not be
accepted. No more than one submission per author will be considered.
Authors should email their submission as a Word or PDF attachment to
Shane Callahan at scallahan2@student.gsu.edu

Deadline: Papers must be received no later than January 20, 2010.
Notification of acceptance will be emailed by February 21, 2010.

For any questions (including queries from students traveling from
outside the area who may need overnight accommodations) - contact
Shane Callahan at scallahan2@student.gsu.edu

Sponsored by the Zeta Chapter (Georgia) of Phi Sigma Tau, and the
Center for Ethics, Student Forum Georgia State University

Posted by Andrew I. Cohen, Department of Philosophy, Georgia State
University - aicohen@gsu.edu

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