Thursday, March 25, 2010

Georgia Philosophical Society
Spring Meeting

Saturday, April 3rd
Morehouse College*

9:30 Coffee, Snacks, and Society Business Meeting

10:00 “Defusing the Demandingness Objection,”
Matthew Braddock, Duke University

11:00 “African Communalism and Public Health Policies in Botswana,”
Kipton Jensen and Joseph Gaie, La Grange College

12:00 “Virtue Ethics and Metaphysics,”
Richard Parry, Agnes Scott College, Emeritus

1:00 Lunch
(Meeting of Board of Regents Academic Advisory
Committee on Philosophy)

Advance copies available by e-mail from Raymond Woller at
Leadership Bldg, Rm. 240, corner of Westview Dr. and West End Ave.
For help on campus call our host Nathan Nobis at 404-825-1740

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